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57 responses to “Automating”

    • Well, in Germany the word for car is “Auto” – and certainly there is “automotive” and automobile” in English – so linguistically there are some connections already.


    • 🙂
      Ik heb de film vele jaren geleden gezien. Eigenlijk kan ik me alleen de foto met de klokken herinneren. Waarschijnlijk omdat het de bekendste afbeelding in de film is.


  1. I love THAT guy, but I’m most intrigued by the city. The graffiti suggests that it isn’t a doubled image, but the light on the pairs of towers shows that they, at least, are mirrored images How many weeks did you put into this picture? No matter – they were worth it 😃


    • Thank you, Kim.
      Well, I sat on it many hours. As my compositions are getting more complex, they also take a lot more time to complete. (That also is one of the reason why I post more infrequently at the moment.)
      Actually, the city was made up of several cities. So there are more elements that it appears to be. In my composings I play with putting some things together so it looks naturally, and other things in a way that it looks more artificial. I like this as a kind of effect.


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