The Park Is Empty Now

The Park Is Empty Now

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57 responses to “The Park Is Empty Now”

  1. La imaginación nos hace volar entre esas plantas sembradas en un cielo irreal. Indudablemente tu inspiración rompe con lo cotidiano y tu arte vuela muy alto. Una imagen incomparable
    Un abrazo
    Manuel Angel

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  2. From the little picture, I thought the mushrooms were the heads of watering cans – ha ha. This image is so strange … I just wonder what is going on in your head! Oh man, I’ll probably be thinking about this picture for the rest of the day. 🙂

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    • Yes, my latest pictures have many details and it is best to see a big version. I had recently printed some pictures for an exhibition (which was then canceled due to covid) and could see some of them really big.
      Good to know that my pictures are food for thought.


  3. Your photos always gets my mind rolling ~ yes, as I rest my head against the base of the mushroom, I am lost in the shadows creates by the leaves. The park is sadly empty, but this too someday shall pass. Cheers to sitting back and reflecting on it all 🙂


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