Lost in Music

Lost in Music

I created a picture especially for this post about my favorite albums this year, which you have already seen when you get to the text. For this written passage I tried to come up with a Top 10, but only managed to find eight albums that were released in 2020 that I really adore. As you can see there were quite different things I listened to this year. I especially liked the new album by The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. This band fascinates me since I first heard them. All their albums are really good and I believe that I already introduced them here with their album Beauty Will Save The World. Otherwise, I listened a lot of music with beats including some African music like Nihiloxica. But I also enjoyed the sad beauty of Keely Forsyth’s debut album and some poppy tunes by the Sparks and the Pet Shop Boys. But enough talk. You can take a look at the list and watch the video clips.

  • The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus: Songs of Yearning
  • Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles in Allem
  • Esplendor Geométrico: Cinética
  • Nihiloxica: Kaloli
  • Keeley Forsyth: Debris
  • Witch ‘n’ Monk: Witch ‘n’ Monk
  • Sparks: A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip
  • Pet Shop Boys: Hotspot

However, there were also some reissues I liked and some older albums that I (re)discovered. Certainly, styles and themes from the list above you will also find again here. O Yuki Conjugate also work with percussions, as do Rapoon and Chaino. Though I listed a lot to Jazz this year, I especially focused on the work of Sun Ra from the 1960’s. It was hard to pick a favorite here, but I decided to list Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy, because it is probably his strangest album, however, it is not easy accessible if you are not used to Jazz. (If that is the case I suggest Angels and Demons at Play for example.) Here you also find some records that are more weird and experimental, like Horrific Child and Don Bradshaw-Leather. I also listened to some Minimal and other Contemporary Classical music. Though Stockhausen, Koenig, Xenakis and Boulez were frequently on my stereo, I decided to include Terry Riley and Tony Conrad here, because the others really accompany me for a couple of years now. As most of the records in my second lists were recorded before the dawn of the video clip I decided to not include the ripped albums from YouTube. But you will most likely find the music there and on other streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes as well.

  • Chaino: Night of the Spectre
  • Sun Ra: Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
  • Tony Conrad with Faust: Outside the Dream Syndicate
  • Coil: Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage
  • Katyna Ranieri: and now Katyna Ranieri
  • Finis Africae: Amazonia
  • Horrific Child: L’Etrange Mr Whinster
  • Rapoon: Vernal Crossing
  • Terry Riley: Persian Surgery Dervishes
  • Neu!: 75
  • Roberto Musci: Tower of Silence
  • Don Bradshaw-Leather: Distance Between Us
  • O Yuki Conjugate: Into Dark Water

Talking music, I am still working on the new mockART album. Earlier this year my project became a duo and so there are more ideas which resulted in more compositions. But the majority of tracks is finished now so we will probably release Men Who Lost Their Heads early next year. I recently shared the two tracks we have already published. If you missed the post titled Broken please visit and listen to Betörve and Lizard People.

I would also like to ask you a favor and vote for Betörve. If you do so we have a chance that the track will be added to playlists and more people will listen to our music.

As a thank you I also want to share one of the tracks we have already finished. It is called Inoculated and therefore very contemporary.

I hope you are having happy holidays and I already wish you all the best for the new year.