The Queen of the Circulating Library

The Queen of the Circulating Library

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27 responses to “The Queen of the Circulating Library”

  1. If she were the “king,” would she be able to lose the token blindfold?
    Is it some reference to a justice issue–if yes, do the open books stand in for the scales?
    How many librarians stand in this space (one that looks to me like overwhelm, but to them
    is just Work as Usual)?
    ** It is lovely that the open books are still alive.**

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    • Yes, I was thinking in the line of Justice, therefore I blindfolded here. If I had chosen a kind it might have been a completely different picture…
      I actually was using a lot of libraries (and also smuggled in some book shops and shelves) and arranged them in circles. But I cannot remember how many I use… I would think of it as the infinite space of books. Probably copies of the ones that burned up in Alexandria are still there as well.

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