Certainly, a picture looks a lot better when printed. Therefore I decided to publish some books where you can see a collection of my pictures. The first book was A Book of Photographs published in 2013. As a publisher I chose Blurb and was very happy with the quality of the books. Therefore I also published my next three books there. However, the books could be ordered via Blurb only, and therefore I decided to choose BOD for my next publication States of Being. I was very happy with the distribution, because they made the book available in most German book stores. Online it can be ordered in some international stores as well, like Amazon.

Afterwards I decided to begin with an Archive Series to revisit some of my older photos and include some unpublished ones as well. The first part 07 08 09 10 11 12 was also published by BOD. However, I was told that my name is not acceptable anymore because an author needs to have a first and a last name. As I am “only” rabirius, that was a problem. They still published that book, but for the continuation I had to look for a new publisher. I finally found Epubli, who at least offered to publish my books as . rabirius. I was also asked to change to a larger format, therefore I spent a lot of time on the layout and even split 13 14 in two parts, because otherwise it would have been too big. I was also amazed with the quality. However, their distribution is very bad. Apart from Amazon it was offered nowhere.

Therefore I am still looking for a publisher for the next book. I will let you know when I finally found a new publisher and the new book is coming out.

If you would like to buy one of the books, please click on the covers and you are taken directly to the publishers website. Otherwise you can also try to find the books in online book stores, and when you live in Austria, Switzerland and Germany you might find some of them in the book store around the corner as well.

All the publishers offer a preview of the books as well.

The Archive Series