In the past I recorded some music with various bands – my latest project mockART took a break for 10 years, but was recently reactivated. The goal is to use sounds and field recordings, manipulate them and create music out of them – with a few instruments added here and there, though these sounds are sometimes altered as well.

Most of the music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Music and other streaming platforms. Further tracks you might find on Bandcamp, Myspace and Last.FM.

While roaming the world, snapping photographs, I also recorded some field recordings which I published on SoundCloud.

26 responses to “Sounds”

  1. I have included a hyper-link to this page in my recently posted Found Poem.

    Field Recordings/ Found Sound are intriguing constructs. It turns aural environment into a kind of multi-layered Found Poetry. There is a whole section of this environmental audio art on .

    Once again you have created some fascinating work to go with your visual art.


    • Thanks a lot!
      I haven’t really kept up with uploading more recordings…
      …but I still have some waiting to be edited.

      Though since changing to windows, I didn’t have time to look for another audio editor – hopefully I’ll do that soon.

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      • Goldwave is a good editor.

        Have you considered taking some of the audio tracks and combining them with your visual compositions ? Just the type of original creative work that gets posted on Vimeo. 🙂


      • Okay, thank you, I will take a look at Goldwave.

        Actually, I once did something like a video clip to one of my mockART tracks:

        I haven’t looked at it for quite some time and I just noticed that it already is 10 years old and the resolution is not very good. I guess back then high resolution was not needed on YouTube. 🙂

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