Table’s Missing

Table's Missing

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23 responses to “Table’s Missing”

    • …curiously, all over Cyprus you find lots of chairs just standing on the streets – now one ever seems to use them because they are already dusty.
      You find an occasional chair in other countries as well – but usually people are using in.

      But I like these chairs as well – but sadly they don’t fit in my luggage.


    • …well, the picture was taken in Nicosia – from there it still is a couple of kilometers to the sea…
      …it is probably hidden behind the corner 🙂


    • Thank you.
      If you like to photograph chairs on the street, I can advice you to travel to Cyprus – strangely there are chairs all over the place…
      …I myself also like to photograph them. 🙂


  1. So many of your compositions/pictures speak to me…they trigger memories of places where I have been and then let me re-live part of the story connected to it. Thank you!


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