rabirius is a digital artist and photographer who regularly posts pictures and artworks to this site, as well as small texts about his travels or other cultural things he likes. He is also a musician and works on his mockART project. More information you will find in the Sounds section.

rabirius did a couple of exhibitions and has given two interviews which were published in Inspired Eye Issue 19 and on Optimal Human Modulation.

You can find him on various social media sites, or leave a message.

338 responses to “About”

  1. Hallo rabirius, ich werde heute Abend zu Deiner Ausstellung wahrscheinlich nicht kommen können. Ich wünsche Dir damit viel Erfolg! Gruß Keith


  2. Dear Sir,-
    ‘Digital travelling’ is the cheapest way there is to see the world! Today we would like to invite you to make a digital trip to Norway?!
    Nearly 8000 beautiful pictures – nearly all in ‘full screen’ – are waiting on you! Everything is texted in Norwegian and English!
    If you like what you find, you may register as a ‘follower’ and be alerted by mail whenever we post something new?!
    Welcome to Norway


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