Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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    • Thank you.

      This is in Cappadocia, in Turkey. The region as such already is quite psychedelic with all its strange rock formations. It really is worth visiting (as there are a lot of amazing places in Turkey).


      • Well, I the touristic places like Cappadocia or Pamukkale or the Mediterranean coast should be fine. The Eastern region might be a bit difficult – not that it is really dangerous, but a lot of people are really conservative and religious and are not used to women traveling by themselves. Therefore one has to know exactly what one can do or not. I have a friend who often travels there by herself and she says it is not really possible to go out alone after it gets dark and therefore she has to go to her hotel room after dinner and start reading or things. But in the touristy places the people are used to that and it shouldn’t be a problem.


      • …but if you find someone to travel with you I can really recommend traveling to Turkey. It has a lot of beautiful and diverse places to offer – as well as a very long cultural history…


      • Yes, in the rocks are a lot of caves, so people are actually living there.
        Certainly, now a lot of stone was washed away by the rain – so a lot of people build something in or on their caves. (The hotel where I stayed also had cave rooms.)
        You also find other places like that – also in Hasankeyf (which appears a lot in my blog recently) there are a lot of cave houses. And I also know of a place like that in Iran – so there are probably a lot more to find. I think also in Russia, in the Altai region (or even more East) are also some strange rock formations. Maybe there are also some cave houses there.


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