The Dirty Kitten Spies On You

The Dirty Kitten Spies On You

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22 responses to “The Dirty Kitten Spies On You”

    • Thank you – yes, that was the aim of the picture…
      …well, I’m not so sure if there are a lot of cat owners in Gaziantep – but I think at least a cat can find food and shelter there.


  1. What a little beauty , she (for sure , 99,9% cats with 3 colors of fur are female) will be fine, no matter how hard this life will be ^ – ^ Let’s hope so!


  2. S/he seems to be thinking about his life…Looks mature than most of the human beings.Life can be so cruel to animals:(I wish it would be very happy soon…S/he is extremely adorable and beautiful and so is the picture.Great composition.


    • Thank you very much, Esra.
      I took the picture several years ago in Gaziantep.
      Maybe I’ll visit again next year – then I will see if I can meet the cat again – though there are a lot of street cats in Antep.


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