One Frog A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

One Frog A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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34 responses to “One Frog A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

      • In the movie “Interview With A Vampire” they show a scene with New Orleans and the balconies. Ever since I seen that, when I see or think of balconies, New Orleans skitters through my mind.


      • I only saw the movie when it came out – so I don’t really remember it…
        …but I will watch for the balconies the next time I see New Orleans in a movie.



    • …I liked it very much as well, when I saw it walking down Donaukanal, so I had to photograph it…
      …and I wondered for a long time what to do with it – and well, you saw the outcome.

      Have a fantastic weekend!



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