Clouds Are Gathering Over Frankfurt

Clouds Are Gathering Over Frankfurt

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65 responses to “Clouds Are Gathering Over Frankfurt”

    • …and still growing…
      They already started to build the first skyscrapers outside of the center (like the new building of the European central bank) – and you see these ugly things from everywhere…


    • Thank you very much for the compliment, Brenda.

      I think something, when you alter something a little bit – or offer a somewhat different angle – it looks more real then you would normally experience it.
      And that is a thing I try to accomplish with some of my pictures.



    • Thank you very much, Javier.

      Yes, all the blog features are a bit hidden with this theme – but I like that my pictures are more in the foreground that way…
      …you’re pictures I also like very much – and I will have another look a bit later – to see if I discover anything new.



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