Chicken Talk

Chicken Talk

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40 responses to “Chicken Talk”

  1. Rode my bike past a chicken farm tonight. Random comment 🙂 How did I miss the post about the pink chick?


  2. This reminded me og the chicken at my childhood home were we enjoyed their conversations and their affection. My mother even treated them with warm meals and they were mad on them. We had all sorts of chickens but I liked most the big dark brown and fat light brown laying hens and the ‘Mechelse’ or Malines chickens.. The ornamental chickens were not as communicative.


      • I also was brought up in a city, but we had acres of ground around our very huge house where the laboratory and chemistry of my father was. At our second house in the country we did not have chickens at our own acres, but there we as kids could enjoy the animals at the farmers.


      • I always used to live in big(ger) cities – and I still do. As a kid we spend some time on a farm once – but that was all the country life I had so far. I only had a cat when I was little.


      • I think it very useful for kids to grow up in an environment where they have to take care also for animal. Cats are easier for children than dogs where they do have to have a certain age so that they can take responsibility and can go out with them. (Otherwise it are the parents of the kids have to make the daily walks.)

        Did you have the cat a long time and afterwards as an adult did you take cats in the home as well?


      • I had the cat for a few years and then I went to another city to study where I only had a very small apartment. So I left it at my parents house. It was used to much space – so I guess it wouldn’t have liked being confined to just one room.


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