Großstadtkulissen / Cityscapes – A Forthcoming Exhibition By rabirius In Frankfurt

For all of you who travel to Frankfurt in December: the Kulturhaus am Zoo (also known as Katakombe) will show some of my photography. The theme will be Cityscapes – so you will see some impressions of London, Paris, Madrid, Batumi, Frankfurt, Berlin, Salamis, Kopenhagen, Istanbul, Şanlıurfa and Skopje. Sometimes in a single picture, and sometimes in several pictures at once. Sometimes surreal and sometimes realistic.

But you will know that, you have seen them here, right?

But you haven’t seen the pictures blown up – so you will experience them in a whole new light.

The opening will take place Friday, December 5th, 2014. It is part of “Kleiner Salon“ – a program with music, texts and theatrical scenes.

I’m looking forward to meet you there.

For more information, please take a look at the attached flyer (in German).

Salon 06
Salon 06 2. Seite