Between The Fence And The Sea

Between The Fence And The Sea

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21 responses to “Between The Fence And The Sea”

  1. I suppose undeveloped shore line should be protected some kind of way but that is an ugly prison/security fence. Where I live in Miami there is not a single inch of open/natural beach-every inch commercialized or condos and only 3 small public beaches.


    • Actually, I think behind the fence there was some private property…
      …but, at least the European side of the Mediterranean sea is so much developed that you hardly find any natural beach anymore. Well, if there are some rocky shores it is different – but you can nearly forget about beautiful beaches.

      I only have some vague memories of Miami – it has been too long ago and I had to leave early due to a hurricane…

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      • I have been Miami almost all my life and leaving soon live North Carolina. Too crowded, too unfriendly,corrupt, no work ethic and immigration 54% foreign born and feel like stranger in my own country they are so rude and elitist. It seems I cannot do a single thing in routine daily life without some kind or hassle or dead end.


      • Well, I was only traveling and then you don’t really notice these things. I mainly remember that I was one minute late at the parking meter and I already had a ticket 🙂


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