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18 responses to “Undone”

    • Thank you very much, Alexandra.
      Yes, it is one of the bridges in Skopje that leads from the new part to the old part of town.
      I don’t remember the name of the bridge – I would have to search for my map to figure it out. But when you are at the centre of the city and walk along the river, you will easily find it.

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      • Skopje is on my list for a long time… the more I see of it, the more I want to go there 🙂 thanks for the tip for the bridge, rabirius 🙂


      • Hello Alexandra,

        well, the bridges you cannot miss. There are two new bridges lined with statues and laps and the old bridge wich in more simple. They are all very close to each other so you can see them all from one bridge.
        I liked Skopje very much and I can only recommend a visit.



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