The Pomposity Of Modern Architecture

The Pomposity Of Modern Architecture


    • Thank you Ken.
      Well, it sort of depends on my inspiration and time, if I do a lot of processing, or just post an image with just some basic corrections.
      I also wish you a great weekend!

  1. It looks so out of size. Especially if you take into account the size of those already huge bridges. Interesting photo. There is a lot of ‘statement’ about the human being in this kind of architecture.

    • Thank you very much, Rosa.
      Yes, the new building for the European Central Bank is quite controversial – and there were just some very big protests against the politics of the bank.

  2. Hallo Rabirius ja an der Ahr ist es immer wieder sch├Ân und wenn wir den Rotweinwanderweg laufen da f├╝hlt man sich frei und wir lieben diese Strecke einen sch├Ânen Tag und eon sonniges super Wochenende w├╝nsche ich dir mit vielen Gr├╝├čen in Freundschaft Klaus

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