Again, Some Greatest Hits…

Last year I didn’t write about the music I discovered. So now I try to review the last two years. Certainly, some great discoveries fell through the cracks. To be brief, I will try to introduce the music with videos, rather than too much text.

I will start with Laibach, who released a surprising interpretation of “The Sound of Music” that gives a whole new perspective on the musical/film.

Even better was their 2017 album “Also Sprach Zarathustra” inspired by the book of the same name by Friedrich Nietzsche and takes you to the darker reaches of the soul.

The Residents also released a great album in 2017. “The Ghost of Hope” is about historic train disasters and therefore about the hope that lays in new technology, as well as the catastrophes that might be caused by new inventions.

Also somewhat darker is Suede’s new album “The Blue Hour”. Taking you out of the city they explore the country side with all its lows.

Devotchka seem to make one great album after the other. It took seven years for “This Night Falls Forever” to see the light of day. Maybe there is less Mexican and Eastern European influence there, but still the songs are complex, emotional and fantastic.

Back to more experimental music, I really like the album “How to Destroy Angels”, which is a recording of a live performance by Coil, Zos Kia and Marc Almond. The album features the original live recording from 1983, a remix and a bonus track.

Another highlight for me is the latest work by Current 93, “The Light is Leaving Us All”. The last ten years, they sounded a bit like the music was more a soundtrack to the lyric – but now, both have grown together again.

I hope you found something you like in this brief collection, but before I end this post I would like to mention that I also have a music project called mockART. Most of my stuff you will find on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and other streaming and download platforms. I currently work on a new album called “Country Songs” which will be released early next year. Two tracks were already released as single and you can listen to them on YouTube.

So, what kind of music did you discover last year, or the year before?

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16 responses to “Again, Some Greatest Hits…”

  1. oh thank you for these always nice to hear new music….and some long tracks…Current 93 is new to me…appreciated…have a musical and joyful day Rabirius ~ smiles hedy 😀 listening to Devotchka now…


    • Current 93 have been around since the early 1980s. Their early records are very experimental, since the 1990s they have become more folky. And they released a lot of fantastic records I can really recommend.


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