Walking Under Wires In A Thunderstorm

Walking Under Wires In A Thunderstorm

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35 responses to “Walking Under Wires In A Thunderstorm”

  1. A simple vista parece que viene una tormenta. El resplandor de la hierba y el cielo negro, es el mejor contraste que has logrado en tu excelente foto. Saludos.


  2. PS – Showed the photo to my husband and asked him what he sees. First thing out of his mouth “Power lines” ….. ha ha ha. If everybody sees them but me …. I’m surrounded by geniuses!


    • Well, I put the “wires” in the title to make people see them.
      Usually these things bother me because they are in the way of the photo I want to take…
      …but on second thought I tell my self, why don’t you just put these things in the center. Then they are not in the way anymore, but the main point.


      • I took a version without the person. But I didn’t like it.
        The wires where just there – but I think they are okay, as they create some parallel lines that I like in that picture.


  3. Love the greens and blues (a favorite combo). The wires work so well and the isolation of the figure is powerful. Man-made and nature with the human in between. I keep going back to it.


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