The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living

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85 responses to “The Cost of Living”

  1. is rising here…food costs more…housing costs more…I imagine a different world…your photograph tells us we are facing change…powerful Rabirius 🤓💫 have a creative day ~ smiles Hedy


  2. Una mirada pasada por agua. Una genial composición que pone en evidencia tus recursos de la nueva técnica fotográfica que estás usando de manera magistral. Buen domingo.


      • I learned something by accident. I had to go back to using an old Mac Pro at work. It cannot be updated beyond El Capitan, so the browsers are older versions. I discovered that everything in WordPress works great in those older browsers. I can like an dpost directly on posts. plus post and the Reader load really quickly. That means that WordPress is having compatibility issues with new browsers in the latest versions of OS X. That includes Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. I don’t know if browsers in Windows have the same issues.


      • Not generally. I only have the problem with Firefox, since they introduced all the security features. I probably made it too secure. 🙂
        Maybe there was a recent update by Apple and some sites still need to adapt.

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  3. I have thought a lot recently about the ordinary human facing a more and more feudal world. No entry for her (and I think she is trying to Google the solution on here phone!)


  4. Sehe ich hier die Holzbrücke von Bad Säckingen?

    Aber davon mal ganz abgesehen, ein ausdrucksstarkes Bild zum Thema: Wohraum wird nahezu unerschwinglich, je nachdem wo man lebt oder leben möchte. Das Wasser steigt mehr und mehr uns Menschen bis zum Hals.
    Herzlichst, Ulli


  5. The image has lingered and haunted the imagination. The result inspiration for a poem. I hope it is okay to use your image to support the writing. I will of course attribute appropriately. Hope you like. Here is the link. In anticipation, Many Thanks.


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