Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters

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57 responses to “Brief Encounters”

  1. vertaald naar onze corona tijd zie ik de sociale afstand die we moeten houden en de korte gesprekjes om besmetting te vermijden. Een kunstig, en tegelijk beklijvend werk heb je hier. Ik ben onder de indruk !


  2. Excellent work my friend.. We are all becoming programmed and conditioned as we lose our former sense of identity as we are being made to fear being near another Human being… Following Lines….. Keeping our distance…

    Sending Huge Hugs across the airwaves… Your work says so much… Thank you 🙏


  3. I really wish I could put on your eyes for a half hour every day. How do you notice these things, capture them and then package them so perfectly? I’m awe-struck.


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