Parklife (Puppets Remix)

Parklife (Puppets Remix)

Why a remix of a photo? Or two photos, like I did here?

Currently I’m working on some t-shirt and merchandise for my music project mockART. Certainly, I use a lot of my pictures for the designs. For the latest artwork I decided to use elements from A Walk in the Park and Master of Puppets and got the idea to combine the elements to a new picture as well. Though I sometimes use parts from older pictures again, here is my first proper remix of two of my pictures (and a few extra details that I added to create a new narrative).

If you like to see the new t-shirts you will find them in the mockART Shop. For Parklife I created a dark and a light version.

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64 responses to “Parklife (Puppets Remix)”

  1. En la diversificación está el éxito de un negocio. Vas por buen camino. De seguro que tu camisetas van a tener la una acogida muy grande porque tus fotos son magníficas.
    Un gran abrazo

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  2. It was so weird to see the photo and think “I’ve seen this before, haven’t I?” Remixing is a great idea. This particular picture feels about as optimistic as I can get in 2020. 🙂 Thanks!

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    • Thank you, Steve. I guess I gut the idea because I’m currently working on some new music. Here is the first track we released from our new album, if you are interested:


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