Men Without Heads

Men Without Heads

When I created the artwork for the forthcoming mockART album “Men Who Lost Their Heads” there were a few pictures left that didn’t make the cut for the final artwork. Nonetheless, a few of them I really like so I will share them with you step by step. This is the first one of these pictures.

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41 responses to “Men Without Heads”

  1. The Invisisble Men have a party after work….. but what is that blur in the middle? Is one of them falling down? (By the way, this is so good that I wonder about the ones that DID make the cut!)

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    • Thank you, Kim.
      The album will be released September 3 as a 6 panel digipack. So there will be 6 pictures includes. I will reveal some of them (and of cause the cover) around that date.


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