Men Without Heads (3)

Men Without Heads

This is the final picture that didn’t make the cut for the artwork of the new mockART album Men Who Lost Their Heads. The album will be released September 3. Then I will reveal the artwork that was used. (Well, I noticed that you can already pre-order the album from some online shops – so if you’re really curious you can find the cover image online already. :-))

Still in time for the summer heatwave we released A Stronger Climate as a single. This is one of groovy tracks taken from the album and we hope that you will like it. You can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes and further streaming services.

This time I didn’t manage to shoot a video for the track. Over here we have a rainy summer and I didn’t find the right setting I needed to shoot a fitting clip. But if you don’t use any streaming service, you can at least listen to the track on YouTube:

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