Feeding Time

Feeding Time

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39 responses to “Feeding Time”

    • De compositie heb ik gemaakt met Photoshop. Daarna heb ik de afbeelding opnieuw gelijnd en een monochrome versie gemaakt en de tweede met een digitale borstel overschilderd. Daarna heb ik beide lagen weer in elkaar gezet zodat de geschilderde en fotoversies zich vermengen.

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  1. Oh my stars! What a fun and crazy picture …. had to zoom in to drink in the details. What was the woman wearing that inspired you? How did you get all the fruit applied to her coat? How did the fruit stay on instead of falling off? Why are the animals standing back instead of going in to eat already? Does she have them trained to wait for her signal or something? Or are they really not hungry and are just mildly curious about the fruit lady? Or maybe she isn’t real – maybe they are all having the same dream. I bet that’s it!

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    • Thank you for your words, Kim.
      Well, with Photoshop it is quite easy to pin fruits on someone, and as long as you don’t move the layers, nothing will fall off.
      Well, about the animals – I guess this is a matter of interpretation. Not to tell too much, but my idea was that they are slowly approaching. That is also why I decided against using beasts of pray in the picture. They would be too greedy, I guess.

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