Through the Window

Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, Frankfurt
Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, Frankfurt

You asked me to post a few pictures from the exhibition and I would like to start with a picture of the Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, a neoclassical summer house located in a park in Frankfurt. This is the venue where you can still see views | interrupted, the exhibition by Sonja Ackermann, Christian Rocas and me.

But before I show you some more pictures, I would like to introduce you to the soundtrack that I recorded for the exhibition with my band mockART.

We – the visual artists involved in the project – all made a picture on the same themes. So we – mockART in this case – took the same themes and converted them into music for the exhibition. Two of the tracks I like to introduce to you here:

You can still get the album at the exhibition, but if you cannot attend, you can also buy it on Bandcamp as CD and download. You can also stream it on the most common streaming platforms, like Spotify or iTunes.

Now that you are in the mood musically, I will show you a few pictures I took on my mobile phone (therefore they are a bit on the low quality side. But let me assure you, that what you perceive as dirt really is a shadow!), right before the opening.

You probably remember some of the pictures, that I have already posted here. You can also see some of the paintings by Sonja Ackermann as well as some of the photographs taken by Christian Rocas.

You might wonder about the lines you see that connect the pictures with each other. As we really wanted our artworks to connect with each other, we decided to hang them in a way that they fit together as an ensemble. Therefore the pictures are not sorted by artist or theme. We created the grey line that goes around the room. From the grey line, coloured lines go straight up to the pictures and indicate the theme. We also selected traffic signs that were assigned to the themes as well as signs that indicate which artist created which one of the artworks.

The table with the traffic signs and colours.

We distributed cards (see above) with a table that indicates the meaning of the traffic signs and the colours. We also included the table as a poster in the exhibition and connected it to the grey line that goes around the room.

It may sound a bit complicated, but we noticed that the visitors are really having fun with the system. It allows them to explore the exhibition in different ways and experience it individually.

If you like to be part of that experience, you can still visit the exhibition. It is running till September, 18th.

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44 responses to “Through the Window”

  1. Great in every way! The works themselves, the concept, the presentation, the music, the premises. Exactly what I always have in mind. Wagner with his concept of the “Gesamtkunstwerk” would have applauded admiringly – I hope so for Wagner 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of the exhibition, for those of us who cannot be there. It looks very intriguing, the music sets a certain tone and you have really given a lot of thought to every detail. Must be amazing to visit IRL!

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    • Thank you.
      Yes, as many people here live too far away, I thought I make a post and show a little of the location and who we arranged the exhibition.

      I think a lot of people really liked it, especially because we offered several ways to walk through the exhibition, so we gave people a choice how to watch the pictures.


    • Thank you.
      Yes, the house is very interesting. It is in a park that used to be the old city wall. After the city got bigger there were a lot of these houses, but now, that one is the only one still remaining.


  3. […] Apart from many things mockART, there were also a lot of things rabirius to take care of, like a couple of exhibitions. For one of the exhibitions we also created a soundtrack that also is our new album, views | interrupted. For the exhibition I teamed up with Sonja Ackermann and Christian Rocas. We all created six artworks that relate to each other and gave them all the same name. With a topic like that, Christoph and I just had to convert these themes into music, so it became our new album. Though the exhibition is over now, you can still have a little peak through the window. […]


  4. […] As you know, I also make music and finally I have released a new album with my band mockART. The album is called views | remixed and if this name sounds familiar to you, well, it probably is. You might remember that last year I had some pictures in an exhibition called views | interrupted. For that exhibition I also composed and recorded a soundtrack with mockART. You might also remember that I let you peak through the window. […]


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