It’s Raining Men

It's Raining Men

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35 responses to “It’s Raining Men”

  1. The associations range from Magritte to Black Friday on the Stock Exchange in 1929. But of course that’s just my thoughts before I take it for what it is: an expressive work with a skillful dash of surrealism.


  2. Doet me ook direct denken aan de Wallstreet crash eind jaren 20.
    Maar de paraplu’s beneden vertellen me een totaal ander én surrealischtisch verhaal 👍🙃

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  3. As so often a fascinating image, Rabirius.
    It reminded me of an absurdist total theater show by the Dutch group ‘Hauser Orkater’. The show was titled ‘Watch the men fall.’ After reading your blog post, I looked it up on YouTube, and I still thought it was a beautiful performance after more than 40 years:
    So thank you very much!

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  4. I was all ready to write HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA until I looked through the other comments to get to the “Leave a Reply” box. Everybody
    else is taking this picture a lot more seriously. Oh my. Oh well, me and Monty Python. We laugh at the absurd. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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    • Thank you Kim.
      Well, your initial reaction was correct. I was just toying with a certain song when I thought I should rework that to a picture. 🙂


  5. My first thought of ‘this must be a day at the office at the Kremlin these days…” very creative piece, although now I have a certain song echoing in my head that I want to stop 🙂

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