When You Dance With Me

When You Dance With Me

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28 responses to “When You Dance With Me”

  1. this photograph has some history attached…..like a faded childhood memory….it took me back to a scene in Fellini’s ‘La Strada’, his tiny wife Giulietta Masina, if i remember was dancing in a field…it’s been so long.

    ty for this.


    • You’re welcome – and thanks for the compliment.

      I’ve seen La Strada some 10 years ago and cannot remember much…
      …but I like it when a picture can trigger some memories.


  2. Great image. I’d also like to see some words around it – contextualise the subject. But when I look at it it makes me dream – that’s art! Tony


  3. Just fabulous, Now tomorrow I shall delve deeper (I wont ‘like’ everything so you wake up with a billion notifications of course lol. I do look forward to seeing you in my reader though.


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