The River Stares Disapprovingly

The River Stares Disapprovingly

It is really sad news that the European Court of Human Rights rejected the case opposing the Ilisu dam project. That means that Hasankeyf – one of the oldest human settlements – will be submerged in the reservoir.

Therefore I revisited River – a picture I took on my first visit to this magical place. If you like to learn more about Hasankeyf, I already wrote about this city on the edge of disappearing in more detail and did an interview with John Crofoot, one of the co-founders of the initiative Hasankeyf Matters.

To me it sounds like it is too late now to save Hasankeyf, but I am still hopeful…

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32 responses to “The River Stares Disapprovingly”

  1. A sad turn of time, rabirius, I can imagine how devastating it must be for all involved. I visited your previous posts about Hasankeyf, and really enjoyed seeing what you have captured in past visits…and a good thing you did. My condolences.


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