How to Connect With Other People

Take out your magnifying glasses. The people behind by current theme decided to remove the possibility to show my pictures larger than the content frame. Therefore you have to make do with a smaller picture.

I hope that the feature will come back – otherwise I probably have to look for another theme again..

Update on the Size of the Content Frame

I have mailed back and forth with the WordPress Help Desk. There probably is a bug in the theme that I used. Probably after an update. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. As a sort of workaround, I enlarged the content frame and therefore you can see the pictures as big as they are supposed to be. However, the layout of some of my posts with texts looks a bit odd now, especially when I worked with content in different columns. So now I hope the problem will be fixed sometime soon and I can change the layout back to the way it originally looked. Otherwise I will either change the theme or see if I can adjust the layout of some of the text posts.

Anyway, for now you can see my pictures as big as they were supposed to be on this site.

I will let you know, either in this post or a new one, how the story develops…

Second Update

I saw another e-mail by WordPress this morning, that the bug was fixed. And indeed it seems to have been fixed. So, after much ado about, well, something, everything is back to normal.

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25 responses to “How to Connect With Other People”

  1. Je creativiteit in het surrealistisch denken ken geen grenzen !
    Voor mij is het beeld dat je maakt veel belangrijker dan de grootte van dat beeld op mijn beeldscherm.


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