Living With Human Machines

Living With Human Machines

This is the cover artwork for the new mockART album “Living with Human Machines”. About 10 years ago I was discovered by a gallery with some holiday snaps and stopped working on my music project and turned my creative energy to photography.

I formed mockART after playing guitars in various bands, but decided form my own project to experiment with sounds and musical structures. I released my first album Reflux Ux Bisou in 2007 and a split album with Slovak artist Drén in 2008. After that I started to record pieces for a project called “Country Songs” which I still want to complete. For that project I asked people from different countries to send audio samples about life on the country side in their native language and used them for the tracks. So if you want to contribute to the project, you still can. Just send a message, or leave a comment.

But back to “Living with Human Machines”. This project is the most abstract so far and was mainly composed from field recordings I collected over the years.

So if you are open for some experimental music, you can download a free copy of the full album from

Please also visit the sounds section of this website for further information about mockART and my collection of field recordings.