Still Faceless

Still Faceless

You might remember this picture, originally called Faceless. As I used the faceless man as a logo for my experimental music project mockART I felt it was appropriate to update the photo and use it here again. I also used it as part of the new mockART website, as well as some other pictures that you have probably seen here.

As there was not much on the mockART website I created a new one that you can find under It comes complete with a short biography and a discography with links to the most important download and streaming platforms. All the videos and some sound samples you will find there as well. Please visit the site and let me know what you think.

I also created some merchandise as well as a newsletter. Certainly I would be happy if some of you would sign up for the newsletter to get news about new releases and other things. Don’t worry, I won’t send out too many newsletters.

I also updated some of the pages on this site. I now created a separate page for prints and merchandise as well as a separate page about the books I have published so far. I know that the gallery with the books doesn’t took too well right now, but with the gallery tool here on WordPress I didn’t have too many options. I will update it as soon as I can think of a better solution. Or maybe you have and idea?

So, this is all for today. I already started working on a new picture that I will publish in the next couple of days, so have a great day and stay tuned.

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44 responses to “Still Faceless”

  1. Eso es superación. Es importante avanzar con la ciencia y lo estás haciendo de lo mejor. Veré si puedo tener acceso y sin lugar a dudas, que estaré comentando. Saludos y suerte en tus nuevos proyectos. Renovarse, es vivir.


  2. This is a very powerful image. Today this is saying to me that we are not only locked down but locked within ourselves; not using our faculties. We seem to have lost powers of discretion – to ‘see through’ the nonsense we are endlessly told in order to manage us.

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  3. In deze donkere coronatijden is je foto een welgekomen doordenker .
    Zovele mensen groepen die ‘naamloos’ en onbekend onze maatschappij overeind houden is nog maar 1 denkpiste…
    Privacy regeltjes die in ons land het opvolgen van contacten met besmette mensen quasi onmogelijk maken is een 2de denkpiste…
    Heel goed verteerbare kunst maak je !


  4. Excellent work. Much of the population has become near faceless wearing masks when they have to go out into the world.


    • Yes, and not only distracted, but also not informed. At least over here Corona has conquered most stories in the news and you hardly find anything that is not related to the virus.


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