Everything is Connected

I am still working with my partner on the new mockART album. We have now recorded everything, though we’re still working on the final mixes for some of the tracks. Then we have to finalize the track order and master everything. Men Who Lost Their Heads will feature 18 tracks and nearly 80 minutes or music, so it was – and is – a lot of work. You have probably already heard the first two singles – now we have decided to release another track from the album. Samesjwaering Onger Idiote features vocals by Mark Daelmans-Sikkel and is sung in Limburgs, a Dutch dialect from the South.

You will also find the track on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms. There will also be a remix that I will publish on Bandcamp, where you can also find the mockART back catalogue. But more about that later.

Everything is connected.

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31 responses to “Everything is Connected”

  1. Niet zo direct mijn dingetje om alle dagen naar te luisteren, maar vermits ik open sta voor nieuwe dingen, dan kan ik het wel ergens plaatsen. Het geheel doet me vaag denken aan TEDOH (TheExactDimensionsFromHell). Dit is experimentele muziek waarin een vriend van mij gitaar speelt. Veel succes gewenst !

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  2. Indudablemente que la música experimental hay que asumirla como tal. Se sale de los canones normales pero vale la pena escucharla. Hsy ser de mente amplia para adecuarse a las nuevas tendencias. Tienes por delante un horizonte de posibilidades y vas por buen camino.


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