Remix Yourself

Remix Yourself

Recently I’ve started to teach myself to work with animated videos. Therefore I created an animated video for a new track by my band mockART. The track is part of an EP called Men Who Found Their Remix. And yes, it is a remix EP. The first track is called Resistencia and was remixed by Andreas Brettschneider who played in the bands Gahzed, Lume and Monomatik. The second track Samesjwaering Onger Idiote you might already know, because we released it as a single and I shared the video with you earlier this year. This track was remixed by Mark Daelmans-Sikkel who also provided the vocals. Master Mason is more like an alternative version, but we thought it would fit the bill. Last but not least, Narziss & Echo was remixed by Sterion Music and features vocals by actor Bernd Geiling.

The original versions of all four tracks you will find on the forthcoming mockART album Men Who Lost Their Heads.

Men Who Found Their Remix - Cover

We uploaded the full EP on Bandcamp, where you can download it for free at the moment.

However, we also uploaded it to various streaming services. So you will find it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Tidal as well.

I guess you all would like to see the video clip for Resistencia (Liminoog Remix) now. Well, here it is.

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53 responses to “Remix Yourself”

  1. Creo que en tu nueva fase también vas a ser exitoso. El vídeo suena de lo mejor y en las imágenes te has superado grandemente. Sin lugar a dudas que tu superación no tiene límites y eso te va a llevar a obtener nuevos éxitos. Bien por ti Rabirius. Un gran abrazo.

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  2. Toll!
    Erinnert mich an die drei geteilten kleinen Tierbüchlein für Kids, wo man Phantasietiere zusammestellen kann. Auch ein großer Spaß.
    Deine Montage mag ich auch, sie lässt mich allerdings eher an die kopflosen Geister dieser Zeit denken.
    Herzliche Grüße, Ulli

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    • Vielen Dank, Ulli.
      Interessant, dass es Dich an “kopflose Geister” erinnert – das war auch eigentlich der Hintergedanke, da unser neues Album den Titel “Men Who Lost Their Heads” tragen wird. (Es wird vermutlich im Sommer rauskommen.) Für die Remix EP haben wir dann den Titel “Men Who Found Their Remix” gewählt um Bezug zum Album herzustellen.

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    • Thank you, Kim.
      Well, I learned the basics editing video tape years ago and used a simple video editor for previous videos. What I especially started to learn was animating things – and I’m still learning…


  3. Pures Gold, das Video, Rabirius!
    Nach allen Richtlinien klasse.

    Die Musik selbst ist eingängig, wäre auch für meine Frau etwas, die Experimentelles nicht so mag (etwas HAINBACHs Musik).

    Einfach nur Chapeau!!

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    • Vielen Dank.
      Ja, um Programme wie Photoshop oder Affinity Photo zu beherrschen, muss man erstmal viel lernen… Aber wenn man sich einmal zurechtgefunden hat, ist es nicht so schwer.


  4. Your presentation made me want to go and remix myself, rabirius. Inspired me. Fantastic upbeat music, and dreamy video. The opening letters were inviting and the video was mesmerizing. Bravo!

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  5. You have been very busy and inventive Rabirius, loved your annimation and video left you a thumbs up… 🙂 And enjoyed the music my friend… catchy tune..
    Have a great week and keep in the flow of your creation.. 🙂

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