views | remixed

views | remixed

Your views have been interrupted. Now they are remixed.

The new mockART album is out

views | remixed - album cover

As you know, I also make music and finally I have released a new album with my band mockART. The album is called views | remixed and if this name sounds familiar to you, well, it probably is. You might remember that last year I had some pictures in an exhibition called views | interrupted. For that exhibition I also composed and recorded a soundtrack with mockART. You might also remember that I let you peak through the window.

As Christoph and I recorded the album all by ourselves and therefore we thought it would be interesting to see what other musicians would make of these tracks. Whispered, Medicine Lake, Urhixidur and Morteza Jahangiri all agreed to rework tracks of the original album and we were really amazed by the results. It was more than just remixes. The result was entirely new tracks. You can listen to the results on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other streaming platforms. And we also offer the album as a free download on Bandcamp. As some of you might not have heard the original album, you can also download views | interrupted for free for a limited period of time.

The theme of remixing things goes through the whole project. We also released three videos for the project. They are all animated versions of pictures that were in the original exhibition (and that you have seen here as well). So I sort of remixed my own pictures.

The same goes for the cover image. It is a remix of all of my pictures that were in the exhibition.

So I hope you enjoy our little remix project that involves several media types.

Click here to find more information about views | remixed.

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