Men Who Lost Their Heads

So here it finally is. The artwork we decided to use for the cover of the new mockART album Men Who Lost Their Heads.

We released the album as download and as a 6-panel digipak with further artwork of headless men that I created. Two of the other 6 pictures we were using I would also like to show you here.

Men Who Lost Their Heads On The Stairs
Men Who Lost Their Heads on the Road

The album itself was created under lockdown conditions. Therefore we were making consistent and pandemic-related use of the digital possibilities of contactless music-making – together and yet separately, social but with distancing, virus-proof and yet highly infectious.

The topic of the album was also inspired by the Covid pandemic. We were seeing all these articles about conspiracy theories and paranoia in the media and we thought that was an interesting topic to explore musically.

Men Who Lost Their Heads - Cover image of the mockART CD

Certainly, you can listen to the album on the usual streaming portals, like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Deezer and Tidal.

As already mentioned, you can buy the CD as a 3 panel digipak with all the artwork created by me. There also is a limited edition housed in an a hand-printed cloth by artist Sonja Ackermann. You can see a preview of the limited edition on the mockART website. There are also some more tracks to listen to. The limited edition, as well as the regular CD, you can buy at Bandcamp. The regular CD should be available in most offline and online record stores, like Amazon or If you cannot find it, let me know and I post further links in the comments.

I have already shown you most of the videos I recorded for some of the tracks of this release. What I haven’t shown you so far is the latest video for Kör Adamın Gazeli, a song that features Ümit Kaya on vocals and saz. The video is probably more traditional than Betörve or Samesjwaering Onger Idiote, but I hope you will like it as well.

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49 responses to “Men Who Lost Their Heads”

  1. I love, love, LOVE the picture that was chosen for the album cover. Why? The enclosed hall. The hotel. Impersonal. Away from home. Perhaps all rules feel suspended. What is behind the doors? It is rare for a picture to suggest a whole novel to me. Wow.

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    • Thank you, Kim. The song was written and recorded with a Kurdish artist. I always like to work with guest musicians and see what new and other aspects they can bring to the music.


  2. Great artwork, Rabirius ~ the men who lost their heads fits with the times, and these works are really well done. Enjoyed the music you shared with us as well. Hope the autumn season is going well for you ~ cheers

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