views | interrupted – Upcoming exhibition in Frankfurt in September

White Window by rabirius
White Window by rabirius

views | interrupted

different perspectives of urban space

rabirius | sonja ackermann | christian rocas

September 2 – 18, 2022 | Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm

Opening: September 1, 2022, 7pm

Nebbiensches Gartenhaus | In the park of Bockenheimer Anlage

60322 Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Between Towers by Sonja Ackermann
Between Towers by Sonja Ackermann
Departure by Christian Rocas
Departure by Christian Rocas

We move through urban space, but we perceive it differently. What catches the eye of one person is overlooked by another. Some details only become clear to us when we direct our gaze to them.

We can never fully grasp urban space. Time and again, a building blocks our view. In order to see what lies behind it, we have to move to the other side, where, in turn, another building takes away our view.

The parts of the urban space that we cannot perceive, we can imagine. However, each person brings different experiences, so we fill the voids differently.

We have come together as artists to portray, respond to, and think further about our different perspectives of urban space. We want to find out what we see when our view is blocked. To do this, Sonja Ackermann, Christian Rocas and I create artworks on the same themes that relate to each other and allow us to look beyond the barriers.

We also extended our gaze in aural realms and therefore I created a soundtrack with my band mockART that revolves around the same themes as our artworks. The soundtrack will premier at the opening, but we can already give you a peak through the white window, which is now half open now.

We would be really happy to welcome you all at the exhibition which is hosted at a vintage summer house located in a park in the centre of Frankfurt.

Logo, Frankfurter Künstlerclub e.V.
Frankfurter Künstlerclub e.V.

Click here to see the German Version.

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57 responses to “views | interrupted – Upcoming exhibition in Frankfurt in September”

  1. It’s good when you are sharing the same locations and finding your own views. I have been assisting a young friend with some street photography and he’s making some great shots of his own now. The problem is that he is in Serbia and I’m in the UK, so there is never the opportunity for a direct comparison involving the same subject. I guess the key thing is that he has found photography 🙂 I enjoyed the different approaches you and your friends have employed. Good luck with your exhibition 🙂

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    • I know. I got to know so many people through my pictures via the internet. I used to have a job where I had to travel a bit and sometimes there was a possibility to meet someone in person. That was always great.
      The exhibition now I do with two friends I also know locally. We share the same vision though through different approaches. So I’m already curious to see all our pictures hanging together.

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  2. Thanks for the preview. I haven’t been to the Nebbiensches Gartenhaus for ten or twelve years now, but I’ll definitely come to see this exhibition in September. (I’m still a member of the Frankfurter Künstlerclub e.V., but all I do now is pay my dues every year.)

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  3. RABIRIUS!!! Congratulations!!! I would be there with bells on if I didn’t live across the world! Sitting here listening to the music. Looking at the art. SERIOUSLY COOL. Wonderful. Thank You and Cheers to You All!!! 🎉💕🥂

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  4. You have amazing talent! How are things in Montenegro? Long ago, your country was a close competitor with Monaco and the French Riviera (in general.) Have they begun to reopen the casinos and hotels? I’d just love to visit your country!

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  5. I hope you had a wonderful opening, Rabirius! I love the concept and the images you show here in this post. I live in a city with a fairly small urban downtown, but it’s always cool to checking out the building art, the new businesses, and wonder what the next construction/apartment project will be.

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    • Thank you. Yes, we had a wonderful time at the opening.
      Yes, developments in the city are always interesting – though, at least here – not always for the best.


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