Something Else

Recently I have mainly shown you my composites. But I still take a lot of pictures that I don’t use for my composites. Therefore I decided to select a few photographs I’ve taken this year and show them to you in a gallery.

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54 responses to “Something Else”

    • Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like the picture.
      When I took the picture I had already put the camera back in my bag. But when I saw that scene I had to take it out again to capture it.

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  1. Eine Überfülle, ich hätte das kaum gewagt, die alle in einem Post zu zeigen.
    Sehr schön.
    Ich habe für Juni einen extra Ordner gemacht, mit “Extra-Greats”, da sind schon etwa 40 drin.
    Von jedem Tag mache ich eine Auswahl und stelle davon eine noch kleinere im Juni-Ordner ein.

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  2. Wow, Rabirius! So many of these could easily serve as the feature picture for one of your blog posts. The two through the window looked like collages already. How on earth did you catch that huge black bird flying in front of the building? That RED building! And on and ON. Wow.

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