Embracing Frying Pans

Embracing Frying Pans

Here is another picture from the ab nach Hause photo sessions for an article about pans. The first ideas I had I didn’t like because I hadn’t considered the panhandles and they didn’t fit in the overall composition. When I gave it another thought, I decided photograph a woman embracing a couple of frying pans. The picture I used for Welche Pfanne ist die richtige? looks warmer, but I decided to reedit it to see what it looks like when you use cooler tones.

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41 responses to “Embracing Frying Pans”

  1. Long ago, I asked, “How are you?” The monk replied: I’m getting fried up! What do you mean, I asked again. And he said, “I’m frying pan, and Sun is burning me to the end.” 🙂


  2. Love the handles. (I would not have noticed without your commentary)

    Anybody want to try again with cast iron used on open wood fire? …. NOPE! This photo’s subtitle “joy in a modern kitchen”


  3. Sterke foto. De foto geeft zo mooi de uitstraling van iemand die voor het fornuis geboren is. De glow-achtige bewerking doet het heel goed. wat me ook nieuwsgierig maakt is hoe de foto zou zijn in portretstand en daarbij het hoofd meegenomen is de compositie (portret)


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