Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle

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50 responses to “Welcome To The Jungle”

  1. Lots going on in this one, excellent! Fantastic processing. I like the light on the right foreground building and the lion, especially.


    • Thank you very much.

      I was thinking a lot weather I should post it here – because some details cannot be seen due to the size – but I’m glad you like it.



    • Thank you very much, Bob.

      In the beginning I more or less crated a collage by accident and then started to develop it further.
      I think photography and (non-photographic) collages have something in common: You have to work with things that are already there. And of cause, with these collages this doubles up: I have to photograph things that are already there and then create the collages of photography that are already there (or that I already took). And I think this enables you do destroy the world as we know it and then construct a new one out of it – and I think this is a very interesting process.



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