The Ex-Tree

The Ex-Tree

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24 responses to “The Ex-Tree”

  1. big problem here in Europe is that we see more ex-trees than coming up trees and that green spaces have become the ‘rare spaces’. Concrete and stones have taken in the place of many trees, and lots of cars can’t even drive because they get stuck on the motorways where every one seems to pile up, hoping to find some work getting them some money to go to far away places where there might still be a little bit of green and healthy air, but where tourism is also bit by bit destroying that bit of nature left over..


    • Thank you, Immanuel.
      Yes, it is true that green spaces are are dying species – and we are driven away more and more from nature…
      …and we are a part of nature.
      As I don’t travel to sea site resorts, I heard that a lot of people rather spend the day by the pool than by the sea. Strange, really, you can have pools everywhere and don’t need to travel far.


  2. The ex-tree luckily may have become a micro-environment for new tenants, but when we are not careful the tenants around it shall not be the human race. (Though hopefully man shall be wiser and avoid such doom scenario.)


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