Between Towers

Between Towers

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55 responses to “Between Towers”

  1. Sometimes I have to look at your list of hashtags to figure out what I’m seeing. This picture is pretty disturbing. And I question your #WOMEN and also your #FOOD. Guess I need to study the photo a bit longer. One thing I can confirm – Rabirius, dear – you are never boring! 🙂


    • Well, here are three women in the picture. Two of them have short hairdos, so maybe they are not that easily recognised.
      About the food: The thought was, that what you put in your mouth is usually food… Certainly, here the food = the teeth. But I needed one more keyword. 🙂

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  2. Dear Rabirius, your artwork always inspires and enlightens… A great piece you have worked on here..
    Do forgive my very long absence, But time as we know it has flown as I took an break which turned out to be an extended break from my blogging world and friends…
    Good to see your creativity has been hard at work as ever…
    We need to be creative and recreate our surroundings with beauty and clarity..
    Much love and respect to you my friend ..
    Sue 🙂 x

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