The Future Must Be Build

The Future Must Be Build

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40 responses to “The Future Must Be Build”

    • …well, I carefully choose the pictures I want to use and then carefully select a title – I can imagine that it is not easy to interpret…

      …and thank you for the compliment!


    • …well, I read a book once that I liked very much, because it had a special meaning for me – later I read an interview with the author, telling me that in means something else…
      …therefore I will not give my own interpretation – but I’m sure when you take a second look you might find a meaning in there.

      Thanks for the compliment!



  1. Hola Rabirius! Esta me gusta mucho. Muy creativo y algo destructivo, bueno, en mi percepción -no sé si estás de acuerdo 🙂 – pero por eso me dice mucho, pues, sobre el ser humano y sus construcciones. Saludos! Rosa.


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