The Church On The Mountain Top

The Church On The Mountain Top

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52 responses to “The Church On The Mountain Top”

    • Well, it was high in the Caucasus – so it was pretty cold.
      When I took the picture it was still okay – but later, when the rain came down it was pretty cold and wet.


      • Well, the nearest village (and we climbed up the hill for 2 hours to get to the church from there) is closed off from the rest of the country – so they must have enough provisions. (Well, if it is a hard winter there probably is a helicopter service or something like that.)

        Definitely not the place where I would like to go in winter – I mean it was warm while the sun was shining – but later it got cloudy and rainy and there were only 5°C in May – so I can be pretty sure I wouldn’t survive a winter up there…


  1. I really like this one. The light and dark, the clouds and mountains really go together. The church itself stands out so dramatically, and I love how the dark clouds seem to pull back from the top of the spire.


    • Thank you very much for the compliment.

      It was really an experience climbing high above the clouds – and the lonely church on the mountain top makes for a very dramatic setting.


    • Well, then you have to be very good – I barely managed to climb up the hill/mountain of foot.
      But you can probably find some spots around the village which are better suited.


      • very cool…but what is an HDR?? high def…resolution?? do you have a special type of camera??


      • It means High Dynamic Rage. I usually take a picture three times – a regular one, a light one and a dark one and mix them together – that way the spectrum of the light is wider and one can use this to create various effects.
        I do this with a regular camera.
        Here also is the wiki definition.


      • thats so cool…but how do you go back and mix them when they are digital??? you’re blowing my mind!!! lol


      • Well, I do it with Photoshop, which has a HDR option – but there are also a lot of programs out there for HDR only.
        You basically upload your pictures and then the program merges them to one. Later you can also adjust colours, saturation, etc.


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