Behind The Wall

Behind The Wall

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24 responses to “Behind The Wall”

  1. You caused me to realize a curious thing: each side of a wall is “inside” and “outside” unless there is a roof. City and Sea are both behind the wall…. Thanks!


  2. Love that you’ve picked up the diamond pattern in the paving in the foreground with that of the grill in the door (and the triangle in the structure behind) — they contrast with, especially, all the horizontals. Consciously or unconsciously you have a suberb eye for such details.


  3. Argh yes, Walls to be built, yet I remember when walls were torn down… I have a piece of the Berlin Wall, only a small piece a friend brought back to me who happened to working in Germany when the wall was brought down. It has its piece of graffiti on it.. A reminder to me each time I turn it over to dust that Change Can happen.. ❤ When we believe and become spontaneous.


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