A Book Of Civilization, Free eBooks & More!

Finally, my new eBook is out. But before I tell you more, here are some other announcements!

A Book Of Photographs and A Book Of Animals are still available as gratis ebooks. Please go to Prints & Books to find the links for the downloads on Blurb and iTunes.

But there is more: The print version of A Book Of Photographs is now also available on Amazon.com. Yes, at the moment it is the .com version only – but I hope to add it to the international shops soon.

But now I would like to introduce A BOOK OF CIVILIZATION


In A Book Of Animals we took a look at the realm of animals, and how they try to survive the approach of civilization.

But what is civilization?

This book might help solve the question.

In the Golden Days, civilization started to develop. But was it really a golden age? And does gold necessarily have to shine?

Headaches, tears, anger, war. These are Strange Days indeed. But will civilization manage to solve its problems?

Well, to answer this question we have to take a look at Future Days. Are we heading towards disaster, or will we be able to smile at the end?

Please order your printed version via Blurb.

Naturally, there is an eBook version as well.

The eBook is also available via Apple’s iTunes store for Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.


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